Our fundamental human need to feel and be connected has never been greater. Or more essential. So we find ourselves more than ever looking for meaningful ways to connect and reach one another… to let them know and feel our warmth, love, and energy that flows between us. 

With our worlds being disrupted and people feeling low energetically, we’ve uploaded 9 electric human gifts for you to give and send for free. To remind someone how incredibly strong, or beautiful, or loved, or cared for they are.

Each gift will be wrapped and include a personal note from you. You can enter your note copy at check out. There will be no cost to you other than USPS shipping and a handling fee. One gift per order per day. If you go to place an order and an item is sold out, please check back the following day at 10am as we plan to restock inventory overnight.

We deeply rely on human contact, love, kindness, compassion and generosity. Let’s take care.


Give away love like you're made of it.

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this is the dawn of a new era for humankind, a new chapter in our shared story where true human connection will be redefined and revitalized.

electric human was created to propel this era forward.

our mission is to amplify the energy that’s flows within and between us.

we believe in the immutable and transformative power of human expression, of sharing energy and giving with purpose and intention.

we aspire to give a voice, presence and permanence to how we express and share our feelings - the feelings that energize and connect us - the feelings that are often indescribable - the feelings that illuminate and radiate our truth.

everything that electric human creates is designed to serve our fundamental human need to connect, to belong, to feel seen, heard, loved and valued.