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the AM / PM system by electric human was created to amplify the inextricable relationship between your morning and night. our light and dark. 

meant to be used as a transformative ritual that together serve on purpose. you.

reset every morning and throughout the day as needed. the AM hand blended oil is meant to compliment any skincare routine and can be used independently or in conjunction to a regime. this is a sweet smell with notes of cardamom and citrus.

restore and rejuvenate every night using the PM oil. this soothing, blended oil also can be used independently of a skincare routine or in conjunction with. grounded with blue tansy (in the chamomile family), this is oil is an effective antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory and helps set the stage for a deep restful sleep for your skin.

AM Ingredients: sweet almond oil, coconut oil, meadow foam oil, sea buckhorn oil, jojoba, cardamom, copaiba, grapefruit, lavender, sweet orange, vanilla, ylang ylang, vetiver 

PM ingredients: coconut oil, meadowfoam oil, lavender, cardamom, ylang ylang, rose absolute, copaiba, blue tansy, wood blend, vanilla, vetiver 

gently add the AM oil to you face, hands and neck every morning and throughout the day as needed to feel the burst of energy your skin and mood needed. the oil is uplifting and fragrant. in the evening work the oil into your face and neck while relaxing in bed. it will instantly bring you into a calm, mediative like state.