creatives, advisors and friends of electric human

PJ MACGREGOR: 👳🏻‍♂️ to electric human 

I’m a huge fan of those rare and inspiring entrepreneurs who are, at their core, artists. They’re able to turn their energy, what’s inside them, what they feel and what they see into businesses and brands that can take your breath away...that genuinely make a meaningful contribution to who we are and how we live.

For these artists, feelings, not trends, are their source material. And that very personal and soulful energy can be felt in every facet of the brand because their work flows from the heart. They're the ones who create transcendent, timely and ultimately timeless work. They’re in tune with the emotions that create meaningful connections. They’re moved by the complexity of the human condition and what connects us all. There’s a contagious honesty and vulnerability in their work that not only moves, but propels, their stories and brands forward. 

I’ve been continuously inspired by, and drawn to these kinds of creatives. They're really magical and the energy and freedom that stirred them when they began their creative work has to be protected, nourished and handled with care while simultaneously stoked, fortified and recharged. Inspiring, elevating and energizing creative ideas and the artists behind them is the work that really matters to and moves me. 

Deeply understanding and appreciating where the talent is in their creative journey, why they started, is always the starting point for our collaboration - it's where we begin. I imagine, architect and create a dynamic atmosphere where they feel completely free, safe and ready to tap into their innermost source of creative energy and purpose. The nature of the space I create for them is as varied and nuanced as the artists themselves. I don’t use a formula to unlock or drive the creative process we go through. I don’t inspire or introduce new ideas using templates or over-engineered constructs. Emotions, visual arts, sound, stories, culture, human behavior and needs, products, people, technology and ultimately my intuition and taste are the elements I draw from to incite and ignite our work together.

Getting tuned in to them, their story, and listening intently to what’s said, and what isn’t, is fundamental to the way I work. Gaining a thorough feel for what they need to realize their vision and dreams is what informs the creative path we take together. It is in that togetherness that we experiment, search for, and bring to light the highest, most mythical possibilities that lie ahead for the artist and brand. 

This collaborative and energy driven creative work is my passion, my art and the source code that can be found throughout my greatest accomplishments. I've always loved collaborating with artists and brands that are seeking to do their very best work, to create something not only special, but transformational.

I'm very grateful to be working with Amanda Hayward of electric human. She is the definition of an entrepreneur who is, at her core, an artist. And, electric human is a truly beautiful and soulful expression of who she is, of how in tune she is with who we are as humans. As I came to deeply understand and appreciate why she created electric human and where she wanted to go with it, I knew that I had to do whatever I could to help propel her creative vision forward. Amanda isn’t interested in her exit strategy. She’s not following a start-up playbook. She’s following her heart and it shows in what she’s created and how people feel when they experience electric human. While electric human is a window into Amanda’s personal story it’s also a story that connects us all. We all want to feel seen, heard, loved, valued and connected. It’s hard to imagine a brand that’s more in tune with the human condition than electric human. 

PJ has led award winning creative work for countless iconic and emerging brands at media, creative and technology companies like Instagram, Facebook and Leo Burnett / Publicis Groupe. ]